A Different Baby at Night

I think we were getting spoiled for awhile by the fact that Caleb was sleeping through the night for a few weeks. It was pretty awesome. Put him down around 6-7pm, and then he wouldn’t wake up until around 6-7am. Really, really awesome.

Sarah and I both got an evening to do what we wanted, get caught up on our DVR…and then a full night of sleep. Lately, that hasn’t really been working out for us. First we think he had a cold, then something about the schedule got messed up…not it’s just kind of hit or miss. Last night he decided he wanted to wake up twice at night (1am and 4am: awesome!).

I both dread and look forward to those middle of the night diaper changes & feedings. I dread them because they wipe me out for the next day. But I look forward to them because he’s so damn funny in the middle of the night. Seriously – he’s almost like a different baby. Now, I don’t mean to say that he isn’t cute and funny during the day – but it’s like those parts of him that are the cutest and funniest are on steroids when he wakes up in the middle of the night.

Last night at the 4am waking, he was laughing and making those super-cute high-pitched coo sounds so loud that Sarah heard him and came in to see what was up. One of our new tricks is for me to hold him and then stand in front of the mirror. I wish you could see his expression. It’s like he gazes into the mirror…and then sees this super cute baby (Sarah tells me he doesn’t really have any idea that it’s him), and then he gets really, really shy, laughs and hides his face in my chest. We can do this over, and over, and over again.

So…as I’m getting ready to go to bed tonight…and I tiptoe into the bedroom, I’ll be praying that he sleeps through the night…and secretly happy (to some degree) if he doesn’t.


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    Our baby has probably slept one or two times 6 hours without waking. Otherwise, it’s quite normal, that he wakes up 2 times per night (he turns soon 6 months).

    It used to be otherwise in the beginning; he used to wake up in the middle of the night and stay up for a couple of hours until he fell asleep again (or, he didn’t fell asleep until 5 AM!).

    I think we are heading for the right direction. Now it is luxury to get him to sleep till 10 PM :)


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