I Like to Kiss my Son

I like to kiss my son. And of course, by the above photo, you can tell that he likes it.

But seriously…I like to kiss my son. There are so many spots on a baby that are just so cute and precious and kissable. His cheeks, his ears, his chin, his forehead, the top of his head. In fact, a few weeks ago, I’d kiss his nose and then he’d smile. I got him to do it about 5 times in a row. But of course, when I went to show Sarah, he didn’t do it. I guess it’s just a father/son thing.

I think this is all part of why parents say that they love this stage…and that this stage goes by so quickly. How long will I be able to just stare at him on the changing table and kiss him? How long before his daddy’s kisses get just a bit too much…?

At any rate – it’s a pretty special thing that I love to share with him right now. One of my closest friends growing up had a very close relationship with his father, and always had to say “I love you” and give his dad a kiss whenever we were heading out somewhere together and leaving his house. I remember, as a middle schooler, thinking, “Huh – that’s kind of weird.” But now I think that’s a wonderful expression of a maturing love between a father and a son…and I hope that Caleb and I might be able to share a similar ritual.

But until then…and while he still has no choice in the matter…I’ll just keep kissing him.


  1. SonnyBill Cabelo says

    I love kissing my boy too. I’ve always been very affectionate towards my son, showering him in kisses and cuddles. I thought it was just a thing that young parents do, since me and his Mum were 16 when he was born . He’s 16 now and I still kiss him, on the forehead , forehead and on the side of his eye brow. I tell him I love him everyday. He lives with his Mum since the army keeps deploying me overseas, but when I get back from wherever I’m filled with happy emotions seeing my boy and so I get carried away and kiss him on the lips. Not in an inappropriate way, but a fatherly way. He doesn’t like it when I kiss him on the lips but he puts up with it cause we haven’t seen each other in a couple of months to a year. He only kisses me when he misses me or if I’m not in a happy mood, he knows it makes me happy. I love my boy more then anything and I would move the heavens for him .

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