Thank You.

Not much to say. Just a note of thanks for all of you who have sent us emails and notes this weekend and today. Today, March 20th, was our singleton due date. It means a lot that you are still with us, on this journey that we didn’t choose. Thank you for your thoughts, your […]

Joy Amidst Sadness

The past month has been an interesting time for us. As many of you probably know, our official singleton due date was March 20, but we never really felt like that was our real due date. We never really knew when Micah and Judah would be born, but we were told to be ready by […]

A Daily Reminder

Everyone has their routines in the morning. Mine usually consists of: wake up, grab iPhone and check email, Twitter, Facebook and blogs (in that order), shower, get dressed…etc. And right in the middle of all that, when I’m debating which t-shirt to throw on, I see them. Our two infant urns. Micah and Judah. A […]

Things Have Been a Little Quiet Around Here

So, things have been a little quiet around here on It’s funny what emotions can do and how they can make you feel. Part of me feels like I just needed some time away from writing about grief, death and our loss. But another part of me feels guilty that I haven’t been writing […]

A New Year

The above photo was taken between Gooding and Shoshone, Idaho on Highway 26. It’s one of my favorite photos I’ve taken and has come to be the symbol and image I think of when I think of “journey.” And so it is on my mind today as 2010 ends and a new year begins tomorrow. […]

A Trip to the Mortuary to Pick up the Boys

Nothing like typing in a title for a blog post called “A Trip to the Mortuary to Pick up the Boys.” That’s enough to make you want to stop reading right now. So stop, if you want. To be honest, I’m not really writing for you anyway. I mean, if you get something out of […]

“So, do you have any kids?”

Today I volunteered with a few of our youth and gave out Christmas gifts and bags of food to folks who wouldn’t have been able to have those things otherwise. It was a good time and I enjoyed working with the woman who I was helping. And we started asking questions. And she knew I […]

Honor Your Body

I was reading the Holding Hope Advent reflection for the 2nd Week of Advent and this quote stuck out to me: Some days you may be just as frustrated with your own feelings as you are that of others’, but try to give yourself the freedom to simply be wherever your heart needs to be […]

The Grass Continued to Grow

One of the benefits of having attended a small school like Whitworth is the relationships I was able to form with professors. One of those persons was Jerry Sittser, my religion professor, mentor and friend. My favorite memory is Jerry was the year or two that he spent sitting on the Chapel carpet, eating brown-bag […]