23 Weeks 6 Days

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 2.22.20 PMThis story will wreck you.

Good lord.

Maybe not what I should have listened to when I drove to work this morning with Caleb in the carseat.

Quite an amazing story – beautifully done by Radiolab – and worth listening to. Of course, it brings up all sorts of questions for me and Micah and Judah…would our situation had been different if we were pregnant with a singleton and not twins? What would our life be like if we had essentially lived in the NICU for 6+ months with a premature baby? Is there anything else that could have been done for Micah and Judah? Did we explore all the possible alternatives? Should we have gotten more than a couple opinions?

Obviously the type of questions that aren’t worth asking…but they are in the back of my mind.

Along with the realization that for some people…their stories have happy/happier endings. This is an amazing story of baby Juniper born at 23 weeks 6 days. It’s a beautiful story of one couple and their journey. You can also read the initial stories that were in the Tampa Bay Times, written by the mother Kelley Benham, here.


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    Our son was born at 24 weeks and while we are fortunate to have a happy ending to our story, we witnessed many who did not. We lived at the NICU for 108 days and it is an emotional roller coaster every day. God gave us peace before our son was born to be thankful for every moment we had with him, and we still do that today. Cherish the moments you had with Micah & Judah, they were very precious for you all.

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