The Top 10 iPhone Apps for New Parents

Normally when I go visit Apple’s App Store, I’m looking for games, social media apps, task management apps, things like that. But last week when I was browsing, I realized there was a section for parents. Now pregnancy apps aside (there are tons!), apparently there are a bunch of apps for babies and for busy parents.

Now, obviously, I don’t have a really good sense yet as to what will be the most important (or fun) apps to have as a new parent, but there are a couple that look pretty cool so far that I will want to check out. Below are what I think could be the Top 10 iPhone Apps for New Parents. You’ll have to let me know how you think I did in the comment section below.

Baby Connect ($4.99)
It describes itself as “the most comprehensive baby tracking application.” Now – while I don’t plan on sending my newborn babes out on missions around the neighborhood anytime soon, I think it has a different kind of tracking in mind. It looks like you can record just about anything that you need to keep track of with your baby, set timers and reminders for feedings, diapers, nursing, naps, etc. It integrates with their online website as well (for free), and it looks like you can set it up so when the babysitter does something (a feeding, puts baby down to sleep, etc.) you’ll get Push Notifications that everything is happening like it should. I go back and forth between this sounding slightly overkill – and sounding totally amazing. Right now – I’m leaning toward the amazing! And you can track as many babies as you have – so it works well with multiples as well as singletons. (see also BabySitter Connect)

FastMall (Free)
The week after finding out we were pregnant, I had to run to the mall for something. Now, I’ve been to the mall a lot (can you say….Apple Store?), but I noticed something this time more than other times. There were SO many women  (and some men) strolling their babies around the mall. So, I’m not sure exactly why the mall is the chosen destination, but it is for some reason. Sarah and I aren’t big “mall rats” but…who knows. At any rate, this app looks like a pretty handy app for those of you who are spending many of your waking hours walking around malls with your babes.

Family Tracker ($3.99)
We are probably not going to be needing this app for awhile, and Sarah thinks it’s a little weird for me to be trying to “track her” – but it still looked pretty cool. So – as long as both people have Family Tracker installed on their iPhones, you can just run the app and find out where your partner is at. This could be helpful if they can’t answer their phone if they’re driving or if they are lugging the babies somewhere) and you need to see if they’re on their way home or not. Anyway – it might be worth checking out. A little stalker-ish, but hopefully that’s not a big deal if you’re in a committed relationship…right?

WebMD Mobile (Free)
As someone who is going to be a brand-spanking new parent in 6 months, I’m already starting to freak out a bit about all that can happen to a baby. I know they are pretty tough and all, but I will feel better knowing that I have a doctor in my pocket. The WebMD app is a helpful one for figuring out what might be going wrong. Although – if you are a real hypochondriac, it might not be the best app for you because you could just start imagining all the horrible things that might be happening to your baby…your call.

Parenting Ages & Stages (Free)
This app will provide you with Parenting’s most popular magazine features for moms and dads alike. When describing their app, they write, “With parenting guides from newborn through school years, the Ages & Stages app provides the most targeted information on child development and parenting milestones.” Could be a handy resource to keep handy – and it’s free – so I’d say get it and stick it in your “Parenting” iPhone Folder. Not one that will deserve a spot on your front page of apps for instant access, but it would be helpful to have.

HoneyDo ($4.99)
Men – you may be wondering why I’m mentioning this app. Don’t we have enough HoneyDo lists around the house? Well – I still think this one might be pretty handy. How many times have  you gotten a text message or email from your partner: “Hey – can you go to the grocery store and pick up a few items…?” That’s normally fine for me, but then they either has to sit down and send you a text message, or write out in an email all of the things they want. And invariably, I have to call and ask for specifics: “Okay – you just said pasta sauce. But there are about 10 brands and 10 flavors within each brand.” With this app, they can sit down and just make the list on their iPhone, make it as specific as they can, and it will automatically sync to your iPhone. And then you can just check off the items as you get them at the store. That is hot.

Dragon Dictation (Free)
I’m guessing that with a baby (and especially with twins!), being able to be hands-free is going to be key! So while you’re driving around, or trying to get two little ones to sleep, or just holding two babies, this app will be an amazing addition to your app library. Dragon Dictation does just what you’d think it does: you dictate and it converts it to text. I was skeptical when I first tried it – but it is AMAZING. It converts your words to text with an amazing degree of precision. Once you’ve recorded your message, it has easy 1-click buttons to send the text as a text message, an email, post to Facebook or Twitter or just copy it to use in another app. If you haven’t tried this app yet – you need to!

Hipstamatic ($1.99)
Everyone needs a few photography apps on their iPhone and this is one of my favorites recently. There are a host of other photo editing apps which are pretty cool (Photoshop and Best Camera are just two examples), but Hipstamatic creates some very fun photo effects with ease. Obviously, you’re going to be taking a ton of photos of your baby, and while having a great SLR is key for making some quality memories, you know you’ll be taking a ton of photos with your iPhone (which is a great reason to upgrade to the iPhone 4 if you haven’t already).

In addition to taking photos of your baby, you know you’ll be taking video and uploading it to YouTube. This is by far the easiest way to share fun moments with family and friends, but the Send to YouTube option via your iPhone doesn’t let you send your HD video recording (again…only if you have an iPhone 4) to YouTube and keep the same HD quality. But if you have the 720tube app, you can upload your high quality HD records to YouTube and they will retain their quality. A pretty cool app and since it’s free, again, there is no reason not to have this one.

If you have been counting, you’ll see that I’ve only listed 9 iPhone apps. So, the last one is up to you. Which app do YOU think should be included in the Top 10 iPhone Apps for New Parents? What app have you found to be invaluable as you’ve become a new parent?


  1. Tracy says

    A good friend, who is a big tech buff, told me about Dragon and loves it. He finds it very easy to use and very handy for just about everything he does on his iPhone.

  2. cherice says

    it’s a good list…but the only one the i would get that’s particularly helpful for parenting is the webMD one. that sounds helpful. baby connect is WAY over the top!!! when you have a baby you don’t have time to be remembering to put something on the computer/iphone/whatever gadget. you’re just happy you’ve gotten the baby fed/changed/bathed/laundry done…but that’s just me. =) “honeydo” sounds like a good idea but not parenting-specific.

    they didn’t have iphone apps when my kiddo was born–weird! not quite 4 years ago! but now the best ones are games. his fave right now? the zippo lighter one. he also likes “monkey lite,” which is really aboutt he most boring vieo game ever invtnted. but i try to find free little games he can play when i want him to be quiet for a little while! but that’s a whole other realm of iphone apps you’ll get to encounter in a few years! =)

  3. says

    Thanks for the Baby Connect, I’ll have to get that one. I’ll go download Parenting Ages & Stages right now too. Also, instead of spending money on “Family Tracker” you can get google latitude for free and it does the same thing.

  4. says

    Thanks for this cool list of apps! I also drew all the original art for another app: Baby Smart Cards. It’s 70 art cards presented in a low-stim black and white format and designed to introduce infants to animals, famous figures (Einstein!) (Miles Davis!), and objects from their daily lives. All art presented as visuals that infants can see and process, meant to keep a fussy little one happy in the waiting room or airport while engaging baby’s vision and mind. Link to Baby Smart Cards in the iTunes store here:

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