Micah, Judah and Caleb

It’s been months since I’ve written on this blog. There’s probably lots of reasons for that…it’s been a stressful past 6 months or so. I’m going to be transitioning out of my current job in a couple months, and we don’t know what’s next for me. Turns out Caleb being 3 is not super easy. Sarah started a new full-time job in January and life is just a little bit crazy.

But, I did want to share something that I’ve been really enjoying recently. Caleb talks about Micah and Judah a fair amount – which I love. Sarah went to pick him up at pre-school last week and the teacher asked, “You don’t have other children, do you? Because Caleb has been saying that he has older brothers.”

There was some clarification with the teacher – but yes. Caleb does have two older twin brothers. And the fact that he refers to them as his older brothers…is so meaningful to me.

One of the Bibles that we read has a short prayer after the end of each story. With the Joseph story, the prayer is, “Dear God, help me to love my brothers and sisters.” Every time I read that story with Caleb, I ask him if he has brothers or sisters, and we talk a little bit about Micah and Judah.

It’s a sweet time, and fun to be able to share them with Caleb.

A few nights ago, Caleb kept saying that he wanted to read the Micah and Judah story.

I couldn’t figure out which one he was talking about – I didn’t think there was a story about Micah or Judah that we’d read in any of the children’s Bibles that we have. But he picked up one of them, and started flipping through it…until he came to the Joseph story. It’d been awhile since we’d read it, so I was still a little confused how it was the Micah and Judah story. But then we got to the prayer.

“Dear God, help me to love my brothers and sisters.”


Of course.

And we talked a bit about Micah and Judah again. I told him that while they were his older brothers, he was now a lot bigger than they ever got to be. I told him that it was sad that they weren’t around, but that they loved him, and it was okay for him to love them.

Talking about Micah and Judah feels pretty normal nowadays. Whenever Caleb talks about them, he also makes sure to add, “They aren’t here anymore. They dead.”

They dead. That’s right. And yet, as cliché as it sounds, they are very much alive in our home and in our hearts now.

And with Caleb.

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