Noah’s Ark


A few mornings ago, Caleb was playing with a toy boat that is one of his bath toys. He said, “It’s Noah and the Ark!”

I asked, “What do you know about Noah?”

Caleb: “Noah and the Ark, and a flood.”

Dad: “A flood? Why was there a flood?”

Caleb: “God sent it.”

Dad: “Caleb, who’s God?”

Caleb: “….help please….”

Dad: “Why did God send a flood?”

Caleb: “Because people…FIGHTING!”

Dad: “What did flood do?”

Caleb: “Flood covered earth.”

Dad: “Oh yah? So God sent a flood?”

Caleb: “Yup.”

I went to look at the storybook and sure enough, the story starts: “Before long, people started fighting and hurting one another terribly…”

We just started reading Desmund Tutu’s “Children of God Storybook Bible” a month or so ago. But this was the first time that he’s initiated a conversation about a story in the Bible. Pretty fun.

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