Perfect iPad Case for Kids: the Gripcase for iPad


Caleb and I have our routines. And one of them is that he often comes to church with me in the morning – and when he does that, as soon as we open my office door, he runs over to the chair and says, “I want to play with iPad.” He knows he gets to do that while dad gets ready for the worship service.

And he’s getting really proficient with the iPad and his ability to navigate through apps and other games is really impressive. But, I’m always a little fearful that he’s going to drop it or do something to it. He actually has dropped it a couple times, but nothing too serious. He did drop Sarah’s iPad once, and it got a very small dent on one corner. That led Sarah to start investigating iPad cases that were great for kids. After doing that research, she ran across a case called the Gripcase. This is how they describe it on their website:

The patented Gripcase for iPad 2,3,4 case is designed to meet the complete tablet protection needs of students, teachers, and parents. The EVA foam protects your iPad 2,3,4 from damage due to bumps and drops, and the safety bumpers and crush zone corners allow your young ones to go virtually anywhere without fear of damaging your iPad. The Gripcase iPad 2,3,4 case features improved tablet ergonomics through its unique design and use of soft, lightweight, child-friendly, and washable materials.

Gripcase was gracious enough to send one for me to review – and I will admit I was a little skeptical at first. My first thought was that it was way too big and cumbersome. But as soon as Caleb started using it – I thought it was brilliant. And I actually like using it too. It makes it really easy to grab and walk around the house with. Caleb will take it and when he’s FaceTiming with his grandparents, he can hold both sides of it and walk around the house talking to them, and I’m not afraid of him dropping the iPad.


We also got the GripCase Base, which also lets you just set the iPad up and FaceTime really easily, or use it in the kitchen for cooking. There are so many options and ways to use the Gripcase. I’m thinking of getting one just for myself to use too – because I like it so much.

It’s also super light, and a really durable material. I remember a few months ago, Caleb’s iPad time was done, but he wasn’t ready to be done with the iPad. Sarah grabbed the Gripcase and was trying to take it, and Caleb was pulling pretty hard on it, and it was no problem for the case, so it’s extremely tough too.

They have Gripcase models for the iPad 2,3,4, iPad Air and for the iPad Mini. I have no hesitation in suggesting this as a really high quality iPad case for your consideration.

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