The Meaning of Children: Father of Three


I had the privilege of contributing to Mihee Kim-Kort’s new blog series, The Meaning of Children. I wrote about Micah and Judah, and the way that their short lives have impacted our lives. Below is an excerpt, and please click through to read the entire post and check out Mihee’s series:

As the father of a current 3.5 year old, I certainly agree with that. They can make you feel love and joy and warm fuzzies in ways that are beautiful. They can also make you lose your cool and be filled with frustration, anger and lots of thoughts you wouldn’t want other people to know you were thinking.

Caleb has helped me learn to love and appreciate children’s picture books. He’s helped me be silly and danced with me in elevators. He’s reminded me that I need to stop working and doing stuff that really doesn’t matter and take time to play more often. He’s taught me that there are many things in my life for which I need to be grateful.

I can’t wait to see what Caleb continues to teach me.

But even though Micah and Judah only lived about an hour after they were born, they taught me things too. They taught me that I was, in fact, ready to be a father, even though I was quite nervous about the prospect of being a dad.

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